Burgess Complete Cat With British Scottish Salmon

Burgess Complete Cat With British Scottish Salmon 10kg
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Burgess Complete Cat with Scottish Salmon

As well as being Supatasty, the Supacat range is a complete dental diet cat food. The kibbles in our adult and mature cat food recipes are coated with STAY-Clean™ which helps reduce plaque and tartar build up on teeth. It also contains all the vitamins, minerals and taurine your cat needs for a healthy diet. We have cat food for every life stage, as well as a tasty range of recipes including Chicken with Duck and Scottish Salmon.For extending to twice their length when they stretch and yawn. For never falling out of love with a dangling piece of wool. For their haughty independence. For the reward of a deep purr. For being our best friend every single meal time. For allowing our laps to be a comfy cushion. For occasionally letting us think we’re the boss, even though it’s really them all along – that’s why we love cats, and yours deserves Supacat – the great value, tasty, dental health cat food from Burgess Pet Care.

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