We will remain open throughout lockdown 2. Although our shop is open, where possible, please shop on-line using our delivery or click and collect service. If you do visit our store please remember to wear a mask. If you forget your mask you can purchase one by asking a member of staff before entering the store. Our phone lines remain busy so please be patient, if your query is non urgent you can send us an email instead.
Cumberdog CompleteSuper Saver 2 x 15 kgBuy Now£21.00Red Mills RacerSuper Saver 2 x 15kgBuy Now£27.98Eden Country Cuisine Medium KibbleSuper Saver 2 x 12kgBuy Now£125.70Eden Country Cuisine Small KibbleSuper Saver 2 x 12kgBuy Now£125.70Eden Fish Cuisine Medium KibbleSuper Saver 2 x 12kgBuy Now£117.50Eden Original Cuisine Medium KibbleSuper Saver 2 x 12kg£103.20SAVE £3.21Buy Now£99.99Eden Semi-Moist Duck & TripeSuper Saver 2 x 12kgBuy Now£125.00Red Mills XcelSuper Saver 2 x 15kgBuy Now£40.00Red Mills TrackerSuper Saver 2 x 15kgBuy Now£23.99Orijen Original DogSuper Saver 2 x 11.4kg£139.80SAVE £9.80Buy Now£130.00Orijen PuppySuper Saver 2 x 11.4kg£141.20SAVE £7.20Buy Now£134.00Orijen Puppy LargeSuper Saver 2 x11.4kg£141.20SAVE £7.20Buy Now£134.00Orijen Regional Red DogSuper Saver 2 x 11.4kg£177.00SAVE £10.00Buy Now£167.00Orijen Six Fish DogSuper Saver 2 x 11.4kg£165.20SAVE £10.00Buy Now£155.20
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